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Savilink exists so that companies can entrust critical manufacturing and design requirements to offshore sources. We can completely take over the project and deliver the product or service on time through our channel of established companies in India . We continuosly expand our network so as to bring the best work force while enhancing the range of services we offer.  Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.


  • We design products with the manufacturing process in mind. We create CAD models to ensure correct real-world fit. We incorporate GD&T practices on all our drawings and generate assembly drawings with complete BoMs. 

  • Leverage our vast network in industrial design, product engineering, detailing, 3D CAD modeling, simulation and/ analysis, and prototype development. Our team is skilled at form design, material selection, tolerancing, ergonomics, manufacturability, serviceability, optimization and compliance support.

  • We have worked with US companies for large scale production of CNC automotive components.

3D Modelling/Drafting/Detailing

  • Our team is well versed in the usual CAD tools used in the industry. We can help you in shortening your product development cycles by providing 3D modeling and drafting services.

  • We are capable of modeling complex geometries with ease. Our drafting capabilities include intuitive dimensioning and appropriate tolerancing, before which we spend enough time to understand the functional/ application context of the parts.

  • We provide drafting services for all kind of components – Plastic injection parts, metal castings, sheet metal parts, machined metal parts or plastic parts, labeling, etc.

 Tools and Technologies


  • PTC Creo

  • Autodesk Inventor

  • AutoCAD

  • Ansys

 Our Mold Design services

  1. Injection mold design - we can design molds for your application, including non- standard tools for co-injection(sandwich), fusible(lost soluble) core injection, gas-assisted injection, in mold decoration/lamination, injection- compression, insert and outsert, lamellar injection, low-pressure injection, microinjection, powder injection or push-pull injection molds

  2. Plastic injection mold design- Our plastic injection molds are used to create multitude of parts from electronic housing to automotive components. Our injection molds allows to produce high precision parts with very good repeatability.


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Welcome to Savilink

We carry on the business of offshore manufacturing and design services including production and processing, fabrication and assembly while dealing with all kinds of engineered and non-engineered components and equipment.

We connect with established companies and professional personnels in India and co-ordinate all operations, manage and deliver goods and services on time. Ranging from conceptual design to Manufacuring, we undertake all sorts of assignments that make the task of procurement hassle free for our customers.

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1st Floor Uppatt Bldg
Thriprayar, Thrissur
Kerala, India-680642

+91  7012932266

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